Marine Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000

There are a variety of ways to take Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000. The pure powder comes in a resealable container. You will want to store it in a dark, cool place. Either mix with a variety of favorite vegetables in a blender, or simple mix with 8 oz of cold water. Have you ever noticed that foods which are unhealthy tend to taste really good while foods that are really healthy tend to taste not so pleasant? The same goes with Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000.After your first swallow your taste-buds may not sing, but within a short period of taking this whole food supplement you will grow to like it. The super nourishing effects of phytoplankton help your taste-buds to adjust while your vitality excels. Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000 ‘s taste is the equivalent to most “Green Food Drinks” with a slight marine/ seaweed taste.
Marine phytoplankton has been the subject of much debate, discussion and analysis. It has its proponents and opponents, but generally medical professionals agree on its nutritional benefits for people. According to some doctors, phytoplankton could be the basis for a healthy lifestyle.

The remarkable thing about phytoplankton is the range of nutrients it contains. To make it even better, all the nutrients and minerals you get through phytoplankton are in concentrated form. So, you can enjoy all the goodness provided by the nutrients on your way to making your life healthier.

Moreover, phytoplankton has been proved as a whole food. All medical experts agree that the only whole food in the world is mother’s milk. In this regard, phytoplankton can be called the ‘mother’s milk of the ocean’. This is the reason why it has been the subject of several studies and considerable research. Doctors are intrigued about the potential health benefits provided by phytoplankton.

The bottom-line is that phytoplankton is a wonderful addition to your daily food intake. It will provide you more health benefits than anything else you consume. To make the most of phytoplankton, it is imperative that you take it every day. Ask any doctor and he/she would say you should never miss a day!

According to a report by NASA, Phytoplankton is responsible for producing 50% to 90% of the oxygen in the air we breathe. This depends on the season but its effectiveness in maintaining a balanced eco system cannot be denied.
Marine Phytoplankton also encourages wellness and health through balanced nutrition as well. According to Dr. Jerry Tennant from the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine the electrolytes and micronutrients that are found in marine phytoplankton can aid in human cell metabolism.

Not Approved by the FDA…
This is also why it is hailed as a super food by some medical specialists. However Marine Phytoplankton will not be prescribed by a doctor or suggested by any pharmacist since it is notFDA approved. Unlike other micro algae products Marine Phytoplankton is not generally freeze-dried into tablets, capsules or powders. In other words, it is available in its raw and unprocessed liquid form. Marine Phytoplankton is also available in powder and pill form for those who prefer.
Marine Phytoplankton contains a lot of various minerals, carotenoids, nutrients and amino acids. Ocean based plants are rich in minerals to begin with as compared to land based plants that are mineral deficient. For example Marine Phytoplankton contains selenium which can curb cancer, zinc that helps in repairing tissue, and magnesium that is known to be good for neurological disorders and heart disease.

As a Cancer Fighting Agent
The organism’s cancer fighting capabilities in particular are debatable. Using Marine Phytoplankton to fight cancer exists in theory but there is no indication that the substance might be used as an active ingredient in cancer treatments. However there have been some cancer patients who have used Marine Phytoplankton with remarkable results.

Patients with Breast Cancer
There is always a chance of the disease spreading to other parts of the body like the chest and lungs where breast cancer patients are concerned. However there have been reports in cases where certain patients have managed to halt the progression of the disease by taking doses of phytoplankton every day.

Bone Cancer Patients
In some cases, patients with bone cancer have experienced the same effects as the ones mentioned previously. In other words they were able to prevent the disease from spreading to other parts of their body by going through plankton based cancer treatments.
Whatever the case may be Marine Phytoplankton is generally not considered as a real cure for cancer. This is probably due to the fact that the effects of the substance are likely to vary from person to person. After all, every cancer case is unique as well and is treated according to how much it has spread.

It isn’t surprising why Marine Phytoplankton is believed to help curb diseases such as cancer since it is teaming up with essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients that help in healing the body.
However, as discussed, Marine Phytoplankton is not approved by the FDA as a medical treatment in the USA. Individuals who opt to use it as such should consult a physician or medical expert who is experienced in recommending supplements.

Marine phytoplankton has played a major role in combating Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Those who benefited from it experienced their symptoms decrease to a startling degree.

Let’s see how this happens –
Reducing Sugar Levels in the Bloodstream
It has been proven that Marine phytoplankton reduces blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Sugar levels are unnaturally high in patients who have diabetes. Marine phytoplankton supplements help to reduce alarmingly high levels.

Reducing Symptoms
Patients who suffer from diabetes have a slew of symptoms to contend with. For example diabetic individuals might feel the need to urinate, eat, or drink more fluids than the average healthy person. Marine phytoplankton helps to relieve such symptoms.

Improve Mood
In fact the supplement has also helped to reduce depression in patients suffering from the disease. For example patients who took Marine Phytoplankton scored higher on the Authentic Happiness Inventory that was designed by the Director of Penn State University Dr. Martin Seligman.
Each of the participants experienced a considerable increase in mood which included a better ability to focus. They also felt more joyous and optimistic. The participants also felt full of life and vigor than before they were taking the supplement.

Boosts Immunity
A diabetic patient’s immune system is not as strong as a normal person’s. This is a serious issue to say the least. It would mean that such people are more susceptible to infections than a healthy individual. For example, even an infection like the common cold can become serious in a diabetic patient. Marine phytoplankton supplements help boost their immune system thereby making them less susceptible to affliction and disease.

Insulin Resistance
Most diabetic patients are insulin resistant. Insulin is a hormone in the body that is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. The cell membranes also become toxic or inflamed. As a result the cells in the liver are damaged.
Marine phytoplankton’s properties as an antioxidant also benefit diabetic patients in this aspect since the supplement can be used to detoxify toxic cells. The supplement also helps to allay insulin resistance.
Marine Phytoplankton serves as a complete supplement that provides the body with all the raw materials it needs to sustain itself. In other words it serves as a single nutrient that helps the human body produce neurochemicals for the brain and produce healthier cells.

Why Marine Phytoplankton?
As far as the health benefits of Marine Phytoplankton are concerned many researchers believe that people who consume food that is at the bottom most rungs of the food chain will be provided with purer nutrients and energy as compared to eating food that is higher on it.
It seems that the organisms might bode well for those who are suffering from diabetes in the future. Tests are still underway that might benefit patients who are suffering from other debilitating diseases like cancer. In the case of Marine Phytoplankton it seems that consuming the most basic forms of life might be just what we need for a healthier way of life.



There seems to be no cure for arthritis that is known. However certain nontraditional treatments have shown promising results on patients. Marine phytoplankton and acai berry supplements happen to be one of them.

How Arthritis effects a Way of Life
Arthritis has ruined the careers of even the sturdiest of individuals even though it is an autoimmune disorder that does not affect the central nervous system. Not all employers are forgiving if an employee’s affliction grows worse each day and makes working impossible for long hours. What if a job requires employees to walk three flights of stairs in order to make it to their desk? A person who contracts arthritis will have trouble hauling themself up every step let alone move around for work purposes.

Some people opt to quit their jobs entirely or change jobs in order to make it easier for them to work with painful joints impeding their every move. Even those who rely on self employment aren’t any better off. The inability to use one’s fingers is apt to make even the simplest chores impossible to do in time.
Arthritis is a common disorder in the elderly. However the affliction can also show up in places in the body where there is not enough blood flow especially in the joints. The disease worsens due to free radicals that cause oxidization.

The human body does not absorb nutrients at the same rate as it grows older. This does not bode well for elderly patients who suffer from the autoimmune disorder. Needless to say, supplements that make the process faster and efficient are a welcome relief.

Acai Berry Treatments for Arthritis
Fortunately acai berries are rich in antioxidants and they are effective in relieving joint pain in arthritic patients. The antioxidants contained in the fruit removes the free radicals from the body thereby preventing them from contaminating healthier cells and causing oxidation.
Oxidation has been known to cause other diseases besides arthritis like cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease. There is also evidence that suggests that the antioxidants in acai berries make blood platelets more malleable thereby improving blood flow in the body. In other words this can bode well for arthritic patients who have to deal with stiffened limbs from the restricted flow.

Benefits of Phytoplankton for Arthritic Patients
Marine phytoplankton has also helped in joint mobility which is why the supplement form might be recommended for patients suffering from arthritis. When consumed the organisms are also effective against educing pain and stiffness in joints. In addition the Omega-6 fatty acids are known to relieve symptoms as well. For instance Pathohenic acid has been effective in reducing morning pain in patients while manganese helps in smoothing joint movement.
While marine phytoplankton hasn’t been successful in slowing down the progress of rheumatoid arthritis in the patients who have used the nutrients, the organisms have proven to relieve symptoms that are usually associated with the disease. This at least is a relief for patients if nothing else.