Discover the History and Benefits of the Acai Berry

What Is Acai?

The Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry has been around for thousands of years and not until the 1990′s was it introduced to the western world. The Acai berry was found to possess tremendous health properties.
First used by the tribes of the Amazon jungle as a cure for various ailments. It is estimated that the indigenous tribes people routinely use up to 2,000 of the 3,000 known rainforest fruits for medicinal purposes.

The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world where one third of all animal and plant species live. The Acai berry is just one of these fruits that has been discovered in this vast region. The Shuar tribes are one of these Amazonian tribes that have for centuries, through tradition, kept the use of plants (acai berry) for medicinal purposes.
Shuar medicine men or women are called uwishin (oo-wee- sheen‘) a healer that works with medicinal plants, somebody who knows all the secrets of the rainforests. Uwishin, have a great deal of knowledge of medicinal plants and their cures, they learn from others, and through experiments from the plants themselves.

The tribes of the Amazon knew of these properties and found out that it helped build the immune system, fight infection, protect the heart, and control prostate enlargement (nature’s viagra). It was a great energy food for the tribes-people. The acai berry, which is a palm fruit, was traditionally pulped to make wine that was rich in minerals. The acai berry was also discovered to fight schistosomosis, which is transmitted by snails. Schistosomosis affecting more than 10 million Brazilians. The Acai berry is also used to produce an antibiotic that helps to fight against ‘Staphylococcus aureus.’ a common infection contracted mainly in hospitals.

A berry so useful but only known to the traditional tribes of men and woman in the Amazon, a lost secret. The acai berry comes from a palm that has a long thin trunk up to 25 meters high with a group of branches at the top from which hangs ribbon-like leaves. Acai berries hang from these branches in clusters that look like groups of blue bottles. Past history tells us that traditionally the Acai berries would be picked by hand and the tribe’s men would shimmy up the tree and cut the branches from the top of the palm tree rich in Acai berries. Now that the acai berry has been discovered as a highly sort after crop by the population of Brazil, it is mass produced, as it only has a 24 hour life span in which the properties of the juice are still active.
The Acai berries must be loaded into baskets and onto boats soon after picking. To get it to the markets in Belem, they would have to transport the acai berries over night. Each Acai palm tree produces around 20 kg of fruit per year. The wine produced by this fruit has become the most important product in terms of finance, after wood forest products. Belem in Brazil now employs over 30,000 people on a daily basis to keep up with its enormous demand. So we know where it comes from, what about it’s recent history? After being introduced into the western world it was realized by the modern beach going Brazilian surfer as a natural way to regain energy. The acai berry was pulped and frozen to keep it fresh and became a natural additive to the smoothies drunk along the beaches of Brazil. It was known to help your prostate and was seen as a natural viagra for the boys of the beach. It soon became a drink for the trendy, and for the sand and surf brigade.

The researchers soon got hold of this magic Acai berry and realized that it would be of great importance in the well-being and health of the western world, our diets are often over filled with fat and fast food, Acai is naturally full with energy, it has a vibrant taste of berries with a hint of chocolate, is rich in proteins, fiber, vitamin E, minerals and essential Omega oils to reduce our bad cholesterol caused by our western diets. The Acai berries fatty acid ratio resembles that of olive oil, this is thought to be a contributing factor to low incidence of heart disease in Mediterranean populations. The Acai berry contains similar properties as red wine in controlling fats in the blood and is a fair contributor to go up against the wine diets of the Mediterranean people.

Known as the miracle fruit, Acai berries also help in preventing cancer due to it’s antioxidantproperties that are five times more potent than Gingko Bilbao, a commonly used herbal therapy product. Acai berry juice has been introduced into other products like bars and health snacks to be sold at gyms and health spas. It’s history is important as by studying the effects that the berry has had on the tribesmen in the Amazon, we have discovered that it’s traditional uses as an energy booster for hunting, and libido enhancement. This has lead to acai berry to being a very commercially viable product.
The Acai Berry was discovered in the depths of the lush tropical jungles of the Amazon. Growing high up in the branches of the Acai palm tree (Eutepe oleracea), these palm trees are tall and slender growing 15 to 30 meters high. Each palm tree grows several large clusters of fruit and produces two crops per year. Today Brazilians still enjoy the Acai Berry, consuming it daily, especially during the main harvest season from August to December. Now that more is known about the fruits benefits, its popularity is spreading throughout Brazil and to other parts of the world.

The fruit has been discussed several programs on television and been acclaimed by several authors. The Acai Berry and the health benefits of this super fruit are no longer an Amazon secret. Science is now providing what centuries of Acai users already know.
The unique blend of the synergistic nutrients and health promoting compounds make it a powerhouse among nutritional supplements. In review of the research carried out to date, the pulp of the Acai is a great source of a full spectrum of phytonutrients.

Studies have revealed that the fruit is a potent antioxidant with the potential for disease prevention, health promotion, anti aging, and overall energy boosting and longevity. Environmental toxins are believed to be causing about .75 percent of our chronic medical problems. These include obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, asthma, ulcers, reflux, mental disorders, and skin problems to name a few.

The majority of physical and health professionals believe there is a clear association between a diet high in fruit and lowered risk of several chronic diseases. Studies validating acai’s high benefits have been well-known for quite some time. These are exciting days when everything we discover about health, disease and nutrition is being confirmed by science.

Acai berries provide you a wide variety of benefits. However, none of the benefits’ is more popular than the impact the berry has on people’s weight. Being one of the leading super-foods, acai berries go a long way towards helping you lose weight without any side effects or health problems. Loaded with vitamins and fiber, acai berries give you the chance to shed the unwanted pounds in a healthy and holistic way.

The way acai berries work to help you lose weight is pretty straightforward. As mentioned above, acai berries are fiber-rich. Fiber, as you know, is the cornerstone of a healthy digestive system. Consuming acai berries gives your body the fiber it needs to process the food you have eaten and digest it properly. A significant part of the weight you put on is through improperly digested food. The fiber also aids in eliminating the waste from your body which further boosts your weight loss efforts. This is the reason why most of the weight loss occurs during the first fortnight you consume acai berries.

Once the fiber has done its job, the vitamins spring into action. The vitamins provide you the energy you need to get through your daily routine without having to consume anything else. Moreover, the vitamins are crucial for improving your metabolism. Thus, your body is able to process the food you eat quickly and effectively.
When you think about it, you will see that the process is quite simple. It isn’t as if the acai berry is some magic potion which can help you lose weight. It just makes your body healthy and the weight loss is a by-product. When your body is healthy and well-balanced, it will be easier to reach your perfect weight.

Acai berries might be small but they pack quite a nutritional punch. The fruit is found in the acai tree that is native to Central and South America. They are similar in appearance to blueberries with a dark purplish coloring. Not only is the fruit hailed as an antioxidant it is also reduces harmful free radicals. However acai berries are not readily available in local department stores. Instead they are available in the form of freeze dried powders and capsules or supplements –

Flash Frozen Acai
As the name implies flash frozen acai is the freeze dried and processed version of the nutritious berry. In fact, the flash frozen variety is considered to be the fruit’s ideal form since it maintains all of its nutritional value. The berries themselves are rich in minerals, protein and vitamins. They also include omega fatty acids three, nine and six as well as fiber. These nutrients are well preserved when acai berries are flash-frozen.

Acai berries have a very high fat content (about 50% to 60%) which makes them very difficult to transport in their raw form especially since they can turn rancid during the journey. Processing the berries therefore becomes necessary for export purposes. There are several ways in which acai berries are processed. This includes freeze-drying, juice extraction and spray drying.

Amongst them freeze drying is considered to be the most ideal in which flash freezing the berries removes the water from the pulp and the skin. Producers do not use heat to dry washed and freshly harvested berries since doing so destroys their natural nutrients. Pressure is used for this purpose instead.

Freeze dried acai is also easier to preserve. The water content is removed during processing thereby increasing the product’s shelf life and providing it with a higher concentration of nutrition by weight. Producers or suppliers usually grind the flash frozen acai into powder form before distributing it to the local public. The powder can be sprinkled over food, mixed into liquid or ingested as capsules. The flash frozen method also makes it easily available for consumers as well. Plus the method is designed to preserve the berries without adding any chemicals or preservatives thereby making them suitable for individuals who prefer organic foods.

Acai Berry Capsules
As discussed the berries are also available in capsule form and are usually recommended as a weight loss supplement. However not every capsule might contain 100% acai. Some people have even had adverse reactions from the capsules.

Acai berries can be consumed in their natural form. However, you would have to live in the Amazon jungle to have a taste. Fortunately the processed or flash frozen version is available for the common public from providers as well. The best part is that flash frozen acai is packed with as much nutrients as a whole bunch of the berries if not more so. Just make sure that you consult a doctor or physician before deciding to consume them or including them in your diet.

Acai Berry Diet

TANTIVA- Acai with Resveratrol

Acai berries are renowned for their healthy properties especially when it comes to their worth as powerful antioxidants. This is also why they are now being popularized as detoxification ingredients in body cleansing regimes. The berry can be taken either in juice or supplement form. However the raw form itself is not easily available except from certain distributors.

There is still some research that needs to be conducted in order to determine whether the berry can be used as a remedy for treating certain types of cancer as well as other debilitating diseases or immune disorders. The results are not totally inconclusive and have shown that acai berry treatments do exhibit properties that show them allaying certain symptoms in cancer or patients.

How does an Acai Berry Cleanse Work?
An acai (pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”) berry cleanse would involve reducing the amount of high sugar and high fat foods that are consumed by an individual. This includes, cutting down on the amount of junk food, desserts and food items with high sodium content from the diet.

People who are advised to initiate an acai berry cleanse are warned to avoid consuming such foods at least three days before initiating the cleansing regime. Individuals will also be asked to drink plenty of water during this time as well.

The benefits of an acai berry cleanse become more obvious if the berry is taken as a juice. However, as discussed, the berry is only available in the form of pills or supplements in local markets. Those who opt to commence the process while using supplements should follow a trained physician’s advice before doing so. The same goes for following the instructions given on the bottle of acai berry supplements they plan on consuming. Not every acai supplement and pills have been tested.

In the case of acai juice, an individual is required to drink an ounce of it three times in a day and in between meals for two days. The regime also serves as a colon cleanse. In other words, the cleanse works to remove the toxins that gather in the large intestine and colon.
After individuals complete the acai berry detox they are prompted to follow a strict regimen that involves exercise, healthy eating and a diet that consists mostly of fruits and vegetables. Those who have gone through the cleanse have experienced a significant increase in energy levels and regular bowel movements which in turn has also aided in conditions like constipation or diarrhea.

After analyzing the detoxification properties of acai berries and how an acai berry cleanse works it is not surprising why the supplement is considered for weight loss treatments. The fatty acids contained in them aid in muscle development and digestion since they help the body process food more quickly as well as provide a feeling of satiety. The phytosterols in acai berries also allow the digestive track to remove toxic materials out of the body more efficiently thereby making it possible for the body to lose extra pounds.

What Acai Berry Benefits Are You After?
Are you looking for a particular Acai Berry Benefit?
This information aims at exploring all the various advantages the super-fruit has to offer. The acai berry is strong in fiber, proteins, lipids, essential minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. The acai berry has natural Vitamin B1 (Thiamin), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin C, Vitamin E (tocopherol). It also contains essential fatty acids known as Omega 6 (Linoleic acid) and Omega 9 (Oleic acid, essential amino acid complex in conjunction with valuable trace minerals, Anthocyanins).

Anthocyanins are compounds that have potent antioxidant activity, allowing for the neutralization of potentially harmful free radicals. By neutralizing these free radicals, anthocyanins from the acai berry may serve to maintain the healthy function of numerous systems and organs. Some of the anthocyanins that have been found in acai include: cyanidin-3-glucoside and cyanidin-3-glucoside-coumarate.
In practical terms the acai berry has many advantages such as improved digestion, improved mental focus, improved energy, better sleep, regulation of cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Other benefits include its cleansing and detoxing properties, helping you maintain a healthy vascular cardiac system, improved blood circulation, and enhanced immune system. The acai berry helps with an assortment of medical conditions such as helping with obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, asthma, ulcers, reflux, mental disorder, skin problems, hormonal irregularities, and increasing your energy level to name a few.

Usually a claim such as this may raise an eyebrow or two. However understanding nutrition, cell communication and the basic principles of metabolism will clarify how the attributes of the acai berry can be so helpful with such a vast variety of ailments.

Glyconutrients – Miracle Sugars
Glyconutrients – The Greek word glycol refers to “sweet”. The prefix glycol can be placed in front of a fat, protein, or any molecule and suggests that a sugar is attached. Glycobiology is the study of the sugar portion of these proteins and fats. Glycoprotein =sugar attached to a protein, Glycolipid =sugar attached to fat, Glycoform =any sugar form. Like so many new frontiers in science, the role of these carbohydrates (sugars) was badly neglected and underestimated. They were at best considered a simple source of energy and at worst considered nothing more than a contaminant on the surface of the cell. Virtually every cell in our bodies is covered with minuscule hair-like glycoforms.

Until the invention of the electron microscope, scientists could not see these molecules on the surface of the cells. They could detect hairs (proteins and fats), but could not distinguish that on the surface of those hairs were trillions of other molecules – sugar molecules. Glyconutrients are not vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, herbs, enzymes or homeopathic drugs. They are carbohydrates. Just as there are essential proteins called amino acids and essential fats called fatty acids, glyconutrionals are the newly discovered class of necessary carbohydrate nutrients. Researchers have identified up to eight specific sugars that most of us fail to obtain through our diets. These sugars are absolutely essential for proper cellular survival and function. Without them, our cells, particularly our immune system cells, do not work at optimum levels.

Did you know that your health depends on the ability of cells to talk to each other?
Virtually every bodily process that both protects and heals us involves inter cellular transmission. These coded messages control everything from wound healing to cancer cell destruction. In the past it was thought that proteins supplied cells with these codes. However scientists discovered that it was actually the sugar molecules found on the surface that formed the “words” cells used to communicate with their neighbors. When the body has the right supply and assortment of sugars to work with it makes remarkable structures called “glycoforms”. These glycoforms carry cellular codes and attach to the surface membranes of other cells of all kinds. When two cells of any type touch, the glycoforms on each cell actually speak to one another through their intricate sugar codes. If the body is lacking in these sugars, the code can be corrupted.

Metabolomics and the Acai Berry
Metabolomics is the methodical study of distinct chemical traces left behind by certain cellular processes. More specifically, the study analyzes small molecule metabolite profiles. The metabolome represents the collection of all metabolites in a biological organism, which are the end products of its gene expression. Thus, while Mrna gene expression data and proteomic analyses do not tell the whole story of what might be happening in a cell, metabolic profiling can give an instantaneous snapshot of the physiology of that cell. One of the challenges of system’s biology is to integrate proteomic, transcriptomic, and metabolomic information to give a more complete picture of living organisms.

Metabolomics may have a long-lasting impact on the general mindset regarding diseases and health. Its simplicity is astounding, especially when we realize that we have always intuitively known the principles metabolomics is founded upon: energy produced by our cells is indispensable for them to carry out their assigned duties. For this to occur, for our cells to metabolize, they need air, food, and the ability to get rid of the “metabolites,” or toxins, or by-products of combustion generated by our production of energy, or metabolism. Consequently, our cells depend in all respects from the energy derived from our Sun.
The energy from the sun is spread throughout our planet, fueling life at all levels. Plants absorb this energy (photosynthesis) which is later consumed by animals and humans. In its simplicity metabolomics studies the energy produced by our cells that is crucial for them to carry out their assigned duties. For cells to metabolize they need air, food, and the ability to get rid of toxins. Energy is supplied to the cells from the sun. Plants adsorb this energy (photosynthesis), which is later consumed by animals and humans. Cell communication takes place mostly at the level of the outer cell membrane, which is equipped with antennae, or radar-like glycoproteins. These “receptors” are literally shaped into “lock-like” structures, by the energy produced within the cells themselves. Messages turn out to be “key-like” glycoproteins, or molecules that will need to match the lock, or receptors on the cell membranes for “listening” to occur.
The mitochondria are specialized organelles in charge of producing the energy necessary to fuel all activity within the cell. Mitochondria function takes place mostly in their cell membranes, too. While the nuclei are very important to all cells, they are only a blue print to guide the production of each cell. The cell membranes send the messages which are received by the other cell membranes in the body.
Naturally, the cell membrane becomes an extremely important part of cell communication and function. The cell membrane is the very interface between each cell and its environment. Cells are totally dependent on the environment in our bodies. A combination of improper nutrition, stress and unhygienic environment contributes greatly to disease.

As talked about before the acai berry is loaded with micro nutrients needed by cells to maintain cell membrane integrity and function. Good energy absorption requires good intestinal function and the acai juice’s micro nutrients heal the intestinal lining and increase the availability of these molecules. The intestinal lining is made up of cells that may become leaky and as a result compromise energy and nutrient absorption and the elimination of toxins. Acai juice is a super-food that contains virtually all the nutrients necessary to sustain your life.

Along with losing weight and the acai berries cancer fighting benefits, the acai berries are known as an energy booster and known for its ability to help you lose weight. The acai berry is rated as the world’s best and number one super-food and fruit.

It’s important to understand the link between acai and nutrition.
It should come as no surprise to learn that the Amazonian food is rich in a variety of nutrients.
Sophisticated methods of analyzing the nutritional content of the acai fruit were undertaken in the 1990′s at Brazilian universities, about the same time that freeze drying methods for preserving the fruit yielded more bioactive results.
A study conducted to develop a comprehensive nutritional profile for the acai berry revealed a number of nutrients which are part of the berry.

The following are just some of the nutrients that the fruit reportedly contains:
· B vitamins (various)
· Beta carotene
· Boron
· Calcium
· Chromium
· Copper
· Fol ale
· Iodine
· Iron
· Magnesium
· Manganese
· Molyboleriurn
· Potassium
· Selenium
· Vitamin C, D, E
· Zinc

However, previous studies conducted related to the nutrients present in acai berries were not always in agreement. It is only using modern procedures and standardized freeze-dried acai fruit pulp and skin powder that conclusive results have been reached. The study shows that 100 g (3.5 ounces) of powder contains 533.9 calories, 52.2 g carbohydrates, 8.1 g protein and 32.5 g total fat with 44.2g fiber making up the carbohydrate portion. Having nearly one third of its mass as dietary fiber, acai is an exceptional source of this valuable macronutrient. A 100g serving of the powder would provide all the recommended fiber needs for adults (20-30 g per day). Acai is particularly rich in fatty acids, feeling oily to the touch. It is also rich in monounsaturated fatty acid oleic acid, palmitic acid and polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid. Some nutrients like β-sitosterol (beta-sitosterol) can help reduce blood cholesterol while there is plenty of iron, vitamin A, amino acid content, aspartic acid and glutamic acid in the pulp and skin powder.

Due to the large amount of waste that accumulates during the harvesting of the hearts of palm, sawdust from the left-over trunks of the acai palms have been analyzed for possible uses, including energy utilization. The inner layer of the trunk is mineral rich, and is significantly higher in all the minerals that were tested including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron compared to the outer layer of the tree. This inner layer could potentially be used as a source for these minerals. Ash content (often used as an alkaline source for saponification or in plant fertilizers) was also higher in the inner section of the tree. The outer trunk layers of the acai palms contain loads of cellulose, lignins and holocellulose while gross heat production was also higher. Fruits and Vegetables …

Fruit and vegetables are important for good health. They are a valuable source of vitamins, mineral, fiber and phytonutrients. Studies have documented numerous health benefits associated with eating fruits and vegetables, with the greatest benefits seen in people who consume more than the recommended daily amounts. The fact is most people from industrialized countries do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Nutrient levels in fresh fruits and vegetables are declining…
Four studies reported that today’s fresh fruit and vegetables are lower in certain vitamins and-minerals than they were as little as 50 years ago. These studies compared nutrient data from as early as 1930 to as recent as 1999 for the US, the UK, and Canada. No matter the country or the time frame studied, the results were similar. The vitamin and mineral content of fruits and vegetables is decreasing. For example two peaches would have supplied a woman’s vitamin A RDA in 1951; today she would have to eat almost 53 peaches to meet this requirement!

Why are Nutrient losses occurring?
Many factors could be involved, including plant breeding practices that select for high yield and cosmetic appeal, storage and ripening systems, and reliance on chemical fertilizers. Cooking and processing can deplete fruits and vegetables of nutrients. Fruit or vegetables that are boiled or canned lose at least 50 percent of their nutritional value.

Acai Weight Loss Step One:
Purchase Health Distributors of America ‘Tantiva Acai Berry’ supplement. Since it is a nutrient-rich food, you can cook with it, add it to your favorite smoothies, top your cereal with it, create a delicious acai berry juice, or just add it to water..

Acai Weight Loss Step Two:
By taking acai regularly you should experience a certain level of increased energy, so put this energy to good use and do a little bit of exercise. Yes exercise! Not to say you won’t experience weight loss just by taking the acai. However you may achieve faster results by doing some form of exercise. Research has suggested for optimum health adults should be doing 10,000 steps per day. You don’t have to start out doing this amount. First work out how many you currently do then set your goals. A reasonable goal for most people is to increase average daily steps each week by 500 per day until you can easily average 10,000 per day.

If you currently average 3000 steps each day, your goal for week one is 3500 each day. Your week 2 goal is 4000 each day. Continue to increase each week and you should be averaging 10,000 steps a day by the end of 14 weeks. Wearing a pedometer is an easy way to track your steps each day. Start by wearing the pedometer every day for one week. Put it on when you get up in the morning and wear it until bed time. Record your daily steps in a log or notebook. By the end of the week you will know your average daily steps. You might be surprised how many (or how few) steps you get in each day.

There are many ways to increase your daily steps. Use your imagination and create your own list of activities. Here are a few suggestions:
Take a walk with your spouse, child, or friend.
Walk the dog.
Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
Park farther from the store.
Better yet, walk to the store.
Get up to change the channel.
Window shopping.
Plan a walking meeting.
Walk over to visit a neighbor.
Get outside to walk around the garden or do a little weeding.
Continue to track your daily steps and/or mileage and keep notes on how you feel, how your body is improving, or other changes you are making to improve your health. If you are in very poor physical condition or at any point you feel that you are progressing too rapidly slow down a bit and try smaller increases. If you have any health concerns seek your physician’s advice prior to starting or changing your exercise routine.

Acai Weight Loss Step Three:
By taking Health Distributors of America ‘Tantiva Acai Berry‘ supplement, you may notice that your appetite decreases, which is a good side effect. It means your body is getting all the nutrients from the acai berry. When your body is lacking in nutrients it has been found that the messages from the brain keep telling your body that you’re hungry. So unless you are putting in nutrient rich food these messages will keep going out. Hence the positive link between acai nutrition and weight loss.

Acai and cancer have long been linked together. The research into whether acai berry can cure cancer has been an ongoing one. Although some lab tests have showed the acai berry kills cancer cells, more research will be needed before any breaking news about how acai berry cures cancer are publicized worldwide.

A recently conducted study focused on acai and cancer showed extracts from acai berries triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86 percent of leukemia cells tested. According to the study, the fruit’s anti-oxidative qualities can be responsible for the effect on cancer cells. While there isn’t any conclusive evidence to suggest that eating acai berries or consuming it in the form of beverages could prevent leukemia.

That being said, the findings of the study are quite encouraging. The study goes a long way in proving that eating acai berries could be beneficial for people. The acai and cancer study showed the berries have an exceptionally high level of polyphenolics, better known as anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants have demonstrated health benefits and may help prevent serious diseases like Alzheimer’s, coronary heart disease and certain types of cancer.
The study made use of a variety of chemical extracts drawn from acai fruit pulp. The extracts were then prepared in seven different concentrations each. At least four of the extracts proved to be beneficial towards killing leukemia cells. The effectiveness of the extracts in killing leukemia cells ranged from 35% to 86%.
Other fruits, including grapes, guavas and mangoes, contain antioxidants shown to kill cancer cells in similar studies, he said. Experts are uncertain how much effect antioxidants have on cancer cells in the human body, because factors such as nutrient absorption, metabolism and the influence of other biochemical processes may influence the antioxidants chemical activity.

Both types of diabetes can be linked with inflammation, oxidation, mitochondrial dysfunction and toxicity of the cell membranes resulting in pancreatic dysfunction and in some cases insulin resistance. Acai can help restore the function to the cell by correcting those issues with its high content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Acai has the ability to enhance detoxification pathways in the liver, intestines, kidneys and skin. If you are a diabetic you may be worried about the elevation of blood sugar levels that is associated with eating fruit. In actual fact acai reduces the amount of sugar present in the bloodstream reducing the vast number of complications seen in diabetics.

The misconception about fruit leaves people lacking in antioxidants that are essential to build and fuel cell membranes. The structure and function of cell membranes is extremely important for cells receptors to successfully receive the messages generated from other cells. A classic example of “failure to communicate” at the cellular level is insulin resistance. When insulin finds the receptors the cell membrane is somewhat unresponsive then can trigger an assortment of diseases.
(“Second world congress on the insulin resistance syndrome,” J.Diabetes Care 2005;28:2073). As stated above acai can help control your sugar levels but NEVER stop taking any medication or insulin without seeking the advice of a health care professional. Some people have continued their medication and started taking the acai berry. Overall it is believed that there is a positive association with acai and diabetes.

Arthritis is an inflammatory disorder of the joints that may produce pain and swelling that lasts a lifetime. It affects and limits everyday activities and is a leading cause of disability. Inflammation is a normal part of the body’s defense system. It is a natural reaction to injury. Inflammation causes swelling, pain, and redness. It also decreases motion in the affected area. With arthritis, inflammation becomes part of the problem. It causes tissue damage that the body tries to handle by creating more inflammation. This painful cycle of destruction damages the joint and limits its function.

The ingredients contained in the acai berry work on the roots of inflammatory conditions. Increasing the bodies ability to get rid of toxins that lead to inflammation and as a result reduce pain. As discussed in the metabolomics section … remember each cell membrane of each cell in our bodies is sending out messengers. These messengers create the inflammation, or the pain we feel in our tissues, organs and joints. Consequently, healing the cell membrane through nutrition can reduce the inflammatory messengers. It has been reported that people with joint problems experience significant improvement when consuming acai.